Affordable IKEA hack: Peel-and-stick fronts for Malm dressers

The IKEA Malm dresser is a popular and affordable storage solution for many homes. While it's a practical piece, the basic look can feel a bit bland. Luckily, there are some easy and inexpensive DIY hacks to give your Malm dresser a serious style upgrade without spending much at all.

Peel-and-Stick adhesive dresser fronts from Norse

One of the quickest ways to transform the look of your Malm dresser is with peel-and-stick adhesive fronts or overlays. These peel-and-stick covers allow you to change out the plain dresser fronts for a fresh new look.

Upgrading your IKEA Malm dresser on a budget
The IKEA Malm Dresser

The adhesive dresser fronts from Norse come in many styles, from realistic wood grain laminates to fun colors and patterns. For a high-end look on a budget, consider wood grain or natural material adhesives like wood veneers. Or go bold with a pop of color or graphic pattern. With stick-and-peel covers, the design possibilities are endless.

The application process is easy - clean your existing fronts, peel the backing off the new adhesive cover, and carefully smooth it into place. It's a removable, non-permanent change, so you can switch up the look again whenever you want.


The benefits of Norse's peel-and-stick Malm dresser fronts

Personalize your IKEA Malm dresser with Norse's affordable and hassle-free peel-and-stick fronts. These adhesive overlays offer a stylish and effortless way to transform your basic dresser into a chic and trendy piece.

Key benefits:

  • 50x re-application guarantee - removable adhesives that can be reapplied with no residue left behind
  • Easy install - tool-free installation in under a minute for effortless updates
  • Wear-and-tear approved - flexible matte coating to ensure excellent quality and durability
  • Fit warranty - decals sized to fit Kallax inserts and Malm dressers
  • Affordable and stylish designs to suit your personal style and life stage

With Norse's peel-and-stick Malm dresser fronts, you can affordably and effortlessly transform your IKEA dresser, giving it a fresh and personalized look.

Norse Interiors' peel-and-stick for MALM design
Norse Interiors' peel-and-stick collection for IKEA Malm fronts

Other Malm hacks under $50

Another affordable and trendy hack is elevating your Malm dresser onto a simple platform base. This raises the piece 4-6 inches off the floor, giving it a more elevated, intentional look.

All you need are four basic furniture risers or legs rated for the weight of your dresser. Carefully lay your dresser down and screw the risers into the underside of each corner, making sure they are level and load-bearing. Once standing tall, the dresser has an updated mid-century modern vibe with a light, floating effect.

Another easy upgrade is swapping out the existing hardware for new drawer pulls or knobs. This subtle change lets you refresh the dresser's look while putting your personal stamp on the piece. Consider metallic finishes like brushed brass or matte black to add an on-trend edge.

Upgrading your IKEA Malm dresser on a budget
Susan white nightstand fronts and Marlen knobs.

With new fronts or fun overlays, elevating risers, and updated hardware, you can completely transform a basic Malm dresser into a high-style piece worthy of a modern home - all for under $50. A few quick, affordable hacks turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.





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