Transform the IKEA Kallax with stylish peel-and-stick fronts

The IKEA Kallax shelving unit is a versatile, budget-friendly storage solution for many homes. While practical, the basic cube design can feel a bit plain. Now , there's an easy and affordable way to give your Kallax a stylish upgrade.

Transform your Kallax unit with Peel-and-Stick adhesives

One of the quickest ways to transform the look of your Kallax shelves is with peel-and-stick adhesive fronts or overlays. These removable decals allow you to give the plain cubbies a fresh new look in minutes.

The application process is simple: Peel the backing off the new adhesive cover and carefully smooth it into place. Since it's a removable, non-permanent change, you can change the style whenever you want a fresh look.

Our adhesive Kallax fronts come in many styles, from timeless Scandinavian designs to fun colors and patterns like the Kids' Safari Adventure. To bring more nature inside, consider the multiple Wood decals.

Transform the IKEA Kallax with stylish peel-and-stick fronts | Kids safari adventureIKEA Kallax with Norse Interiors' herringbone wood peel-and-stick fronts

The benefits of our peel-and-stick Kallax fronts

Customize your IKEA Kallax shelving units with our affordable, fuss-free peel-and-stick fronts. These adhesive overlays offer an effortless way to elevate your basic storage piece into a statement piece:

  • 50x re-application guarantee - removable adhesives that can be reapplied with no residue left behind
  • Easy install - tool-free installation in under a minute for effortless updates
  • Wear-and-tear approved - flexible matte coating to ensure excellent quality and durability
  • Fit warranty - decals sized to fit Kallax inserts and Malm dressers
  • Affordable and stylish designs to suit your personal style and life stage

With our new peel-and-stick Kallax fronts, you can affordably and easily revamp your IKEA storage, giving it a personalized, high-end look without any permanent changes.

Norse Interiors' peel-and-stick for Kallax design




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