Things you can do with old dresser drawer fronts

Purchasing new drawer fronts for you IKEA cabinet or dresser can leave you with old fronts you may not know what to do with. One of the main reasons to switch out your fronts is to up-cycle your furniture in an eco-friendly and affordable way, so why not up-cycle the old drawer fronts too?

Here are a few ideas on what to do with those older dresser drawer fronts.



1. Shelves

Wooden drawer fronts being used as shelfs, alternating between each wall from the corner

 (Photo credit: Modern Reclaimed )


Shelves are one of the most obvious, yet one of the most useful hacks. You can instantly create extra storage space in any room, without paying for extra shelving. Floating shelves have been a major trend for some time now, it is the perfect opportunity to add something new. Stack books or decor in your living room or you can hang them in a child's room for extra toy space. There are so many options that come from a simple drawer front.


2. Hangers

Dresser drawer fronts being used as a hanger for coats

 (Photo credit: Design Sponge )


Re-using drawer fronts as hangers are perfect for use in the entryway to your home. Use the knobs that are already on the front, or add entirely new ones, for a unique way for the family members to hang up their coats when they walk in. You can be as creative as you want when choosing what hooks or knobs you would want to use.


3. Signage

A drawer front painted to look like an exit sign hanging over the doorframe in a bedroom

 (Photo credit: Infarrantly Creative )


If you want the look of a cool vintage sign, but don't want to buy one, paint your old drawer front to match the vibe you are going for. You have total control over what the sign says and how it looks. It is a great hack that lets you customize your room in the exact way you picture it.


4. Jewelry Stand

A shelf being used as a jewelry stand

 (Photo credit: Sun Room Genius )

There a few ways you can go about reusing your drawer front as a jewelry stand. The first way is that you use the drawer front as the base of the stand. Then you add what you would use to hold your jewelry onto the base. It allows for a portable jewelry stand than you can easily place anywhere. The second way is to make a floating jewelry holder. Adding hooks to one side of the drawer front and hanging the other side onto the wall allows for an elegant way to show off all of your jewelry without taking up to much space, and it doubles as wall decor.


5. Mini Chalkboards

Drawer fronts being used as a chalkboard on a wall

 (Photo credit: Kitchen Decor )


You can create something fun for the kids by taking each drawer front and coating them in chalkboard paint; this way they have a creative new way to draw. It is not just for kids! You can hand the drawer front on the wall and use it as a checklist before you leave the house. Put it in the kitchen so the whole family can write down dinner ideas, or add on to a grocery list. You can also coat the fronts with magnetic paint for the use of magnets to hang lists and photos up.


6. Wall Art

Dresser drawer fronts being used as wall art

 (Photo credit: Beyond the Picket Fence )


Let your creativity flow with this hack, and create an abstract piece of art from your old drawer fronts. Align them in any way you want and paint whatever you feel would go best with the room you are putting it in. You can use stencils, paint or mural, or something more modern with solid neutral colors. This is also a project you can do with your family. Each person can paint on the drawer front, and in the end, you hang it up altogether.



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Author: Paisley McKevitt

Main image credit: Ryan Antooa

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