Smart ways to dispose your old furniture

At some point in life, you’ve probably been in a situation of disposing old furniture. So, what should you do with the old pieces? Pile them up in a storage room? Or Leave it outside and hope that someone would pick them up along the way? Here are some tips for smart ways to dispose of your old furniture!


1. Donate to charity

There are some amount of nonprofits that accept used furniture such as Goodwill. There are also local second hand or thrift store that might be in your area as well. Furniture that is old but still functional might be useful to someone else, which also helps reduce waste.


2. Sell it online

If you are not able to find a local shop or nonprofit, you might be able to sell it online for a discounted price. eBay and Craiglist are the common ones. Social media community is also an option to sell.

3. New use for old shutters

shutter shelf

Source: Simplicityinthesouth


It’s harder to find the vintage style old-fashioned window shutters nowadays, which makes them more valuable and desirable in modern interior designs. Repurposed shutters from old furniture can be styled in different ways and given a new life. Shutters can be repurposed into a shelving unit in the living room or bathroom for photos, accessories, and hats…etc. You could even add storage baskets on to the shutter.


4. Repurposed wooden crates into storage cabinets


Wooden crate   Wooden side table

Source: Dream Green DIY


There are a lot of ways to repurpose and design when it comes to wooden crates. For example, if you turn wooden boxes to the side and add four legs you could make a side table. You could also add more wooden crates on top of each other to make storage stands around your lounge, living room, bedroom, or office. Repurposed wood crates also help you organize better as well as saving up more spaces.


5. Norse Interiors is here to solve YOUR problem!


Norse Interior Storage Cabinet

Source: Norse Interiors


If you’re the lazy type who does not consider yourself an architect nor artist, don’t worry! We’re here to help! At Norse Interiors, you'll find luxurious, custom-made replacement pieces to turn IKEA furniture storage into bespoke works of art. You customize the color and design of sturdy, American-made pieces and fit them over existing IKEA sideboards, media consoles, dressers, and nightstands at home. Retrofitting an IKEA system with Norse pieces means you upcycle durable, inexpensive foundations to create artisan furniture that's stunning, sustainable and just plain smart. DIY has never been this easy! Learn more at 

If you have any additional concerns or question about repurposing your old furniture, contact us!

Last but not least, Do you know that most of our containers, including plastic bottles, cans, and glasses, could be repurposed for containers as well? By not using single-use plastic utensils can prevent producing more waste to the environment. We all want to be a great world citizen to our beloved planet, start saving our earth today.


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Author: Stephanie Hwang

Main Photo Credits: Fella Design

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