Grand opening of new IKEA in Manhattan

Did you know IKEA is opening their first store in Manhattan? Not only that, but this IKEA is the first store in the U.S. to follow the companies new "Planning Studio" experience. This means that you'll be able to make an appointment with an IKEA designer and get the furniture delivered to your house. Now you don't have to worry about lugging all that furniture on the subway!

The new business model is not the giant maze of furniture you usually associate with IKEA; its specific target is "on-the-go" New Yorkers. The focus here is about allowing the consumer to meet with designers that will help create and visualize your own room. When you are ready to purchase your desired furniture, a sales rep will help you order it and set up a delivery time. The store is solely for delivery; you can't leave with anything the day you go in. They also offer free consults and lessons on how to assemble and dis-assemble different furniture items.

The company expects to open 20 more of these Planning studios styled IKEA's throughout the U.S., in other major cities like Chicago and Los Angeles. Similarly to how the Manhattan IKEA will focus on helping consumers decorate apartments, each new IKEA will be tailored in some way to fit its surrounding city.

The new IKEA will open its doors on April 15th and is located on at 999 Third Ave, between 59th and 60th street. With this new location, it will be even easier to customize your IKEA piece with Norse components.


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Author: Paisley McKevitt



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