How you can make IKEA furniture look luxurious

IKEA offers affordable and versatile furniture options that allow you to furnish your home on a budget. However, the minimalist designs can sometimes feel a bit plain. With a few custom touches from Norse Interiors though, you can easily transform basic IKEA pieces into elegant statement pieces.


Replace doors and drawer fronts

One of the easiest ways to upgrade IKEA furniture is by replacing the standard doors and drawer fronts. Norse Interiors offers beautiful cabinet doors, sideboard doors, and drawer fronts made from solid wood in various stain colors. Custom sized doors and fronts allow you to match the dimensions of your IKEA furniture precisely for a seamless look. The richly grained wood and stylish profiles will instantly make your IKEA pieces look more upscale and unique.How you can make IKEA furniture look luxurious

Norse Interiors Products in the image: White Lace BESTA Cane doors, White Oak BESTA top and sides panels


Add custom panels

IKEA cabinet boxes often have a basic particle board construction. You can give them a more refined appearance by adding custom wood panels from Norse Interiors. Their cabinet and sideboard panels come in white oak, walnut, and other colors and designs to match your style. Paneling just the center sections or all sides of the cabinet transforms the entire look.How you can make IKEA furniture look luxurious

Norse Interiors Products in the image: SEKTION Cane doors paired with Charcoal Black top and sides panelsMarlen Black Knob


Select decorative hardware

Replace IKEA’s standard plastic knobs and pulls with Norse Interiors’ beautiful hardware options like bin pulls, cup pulls, and handles. Decorative hardware crafted from materials like bronze, brass, nickel, and cast iron will make your IKEA furniture feel custom-made. Match metal finishes throughout your furniture for a cohesive upscale look.


Elevate with custom legs

Elevating your IKEA furniture with custom legs adds an instant touch of luxury. Swapping out standard legs for bespoke designs like tapered, fluted, turned, or square options, crafted from high-quality solid wood, enhances durability and sophistication. Drawing inspiration from upscale designer trends, these custom legs elevate your pieces into stylish focal points with minimal effort.How you can make IKEA furniture look luxurious

Norse Interiors Products in the image: Sara Brass LegsKristina Gold Knob, BESTA Marie doors


Play with paint techniques

Explore different painting techniques such as distressing, antiquing, or high-gloss finishes to give IKEA furniture a luxurious and customized look that matches your style and decor.
How you can make IKEA furniture look luxurious

Norse Interiors Products in the image: Eva doors DIY in custom color, Sara brass legs, Ilse brass legs, Elisabeth brass knob


Accessorize with high-end décor

Discuss the importance of carefully curated decor items such as premium rugs, stylish cushions, and elegant throws to complement your IKEA furniture and create a cohesive and luxurious aesthetic in your space.
How you can make IKEA furniture look luxurious
Image Source: Norse Interiors


By incorporating custom elements, you can effortlessly elevate the look of your IKEA furniture from basic to luxurious. Whether it's swapping out standard doors and drawer fronts, adding custom panels, selecting decorative hardware, or elevating with bespoke legs, the possibilities for customization are endless. With a dash of creativity and attention to detail, you can create a personalized and upscale aesthetic in your home without exceeding your budget. So why settle for ordinary when you can effortlessly achieve extraordinary with a few simple upgrades? Let Norse Interiors help you turn your IKEA pieces into designer-worthy statements that reflect your unique style and sophistication.




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