How to transform old furniture with new legs

Did you know furniture makeovers with new legs can change everything? You could turn an old cabinet into a mid-century style modern cabinet just with adding brand new legs.

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Get Creative!

You could even play around with it on a suitcase to make it a vintage nightstand by adding, or turn an old IKEA sofa into a modern daybed. Get creative! You can also turn a rolling table into a stationary one by just switching the legs. Use them to upgrade your thrift furniture! Legs can transform your furniture, not only the living room but also bedroom, office space, lounge, and garden. Make your original furniture more luxurious by giving them new parts and accessories.


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For example, for an old cabinet with missing legs and chipped wood parts, instead of replacing the legs with similar material and style you could choose from different materials such as metal or curvy cabriole legs with various shapes, color, and the material of wood. You could either stick it with the original material and color or even paint them if you are DIY-savvy! Changing legs can make a dramatic difference to your original furniture. Here are some examples and ideas for a furniture makeover:
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Norse Legs

At Norse you will be able to find simple, elegant and luxurious accessories parts such as metal, wooden legs, knobs and pulls that adds character and a completely different feeling from your furniture. Don’t worry; it also comes with a short assembly instruction which is extremely easy for those who are worried about putting the parts together. Tired with your old furniture but don’t feel like buying a whole new cabinet? Upgrade them now with new legs.
Metallic legs for furniture
Norse Sara legs in brass, black, and chrome.


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Author: Stephanie Hwang

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