How to make your IKEA Besta cabinet look more expensive

We all love the simplicity and classic designs IKEA offers its customers, but what happens when you want something that looks and feels a little more upscale than a hacked IKEA piece? How could anyone not like a piece of furniture that's more personalized to your style and crafted by hand? Every piece from us is one-of-a-kind, and a big step away from the cookie-cutter style you find at IKEA.

Walnut doors and panels on a triple Besta frame from IKEA
Walnut medium triple doors and panels on a Besta frame (item 
702.998.79) with  Sara brass legs, Ilse brass legs, and Agnes brass pulls.


Endless possibilities with the Besta storage

IKEA's Besta range for storage solutions has made it one of their most well-known items, and the hacks available for IKEA users keep getting better and better. You can stack, stagger, lineup, or deconstruct Besta frames to fit whatever configuration you need, but it can still sometimes look like disguised IKEA. We've taken the game to a whole new level by introducing a natural wood option when sprucing up your Besta. Your custom piece will never look better than with our Scandinavian walnut and white oak wood doors and panels.

Wood tones help to bring interest and energy to a room, which is why wood furniture has stood the test of time since the beginning of interior design. Our new luxurious doors in walnut and white oak wood finish are compatible with IKEA's Besta frames. These collections are made of locally sourced wood and finished by hand by our artisans in Kentucky. Their technique highlights the natural grain and inherent rich beauty of the wood. As our founder always says: "You can't beat the nature of nature!"

White oak doors and panels on two double Besta frames from IKEA
White oak medium doors and panels on two double Besta frames (item 102.458.46) with Sara chrome legs, Ilse chrome legs, and Agnes chrome pulls

Why walnut and white oak?

We chose White Oak and Walnut because they're simply the best in class when it comes to durability and beauty; we suggest oak for a more Scandinavian decor and walnut for a more luxurious look. When you upgrade your Besta with our walnut or white oak pieces, you're elevating it with the most durable, luxurious material mother nature can offer. By breathing new, luxurious life into a Besta frame, you're reviving it with a sustainable, elevated finish made just for you. 

People often are hesitant when mixing wood tones in a room. Still, as long as they fit within the same tonal family and have a similar finish (for example, typically don't put a shiny wood piece next to a very rustic one), they can work beautifully together in the room. Be careful not to mismatch more than two or three wood grains together to avoid creating a chaotic look. Our Scandinavian-looking doors in walnut and white oak wood finishes are unmatched, and it allows you to transform your IKEA pieces into a bespoke work of art. 

Walnute doors and white lace panels on two double Besta frames from IKEA
Walnut small doors and white lace panels on two Besta frames (item 602.458.44) with Sara black legs, Ilse black legs, and Cornelia black pulls

One of our favorite ways to truly create a custom piece is by mixing our painted finished with our wood collections. It gives the Besta such a unique and unrecognizable look. People will be asking where you found a piece with a perfect balance of modern yet traditional, and you can proudly say you designed it yourself.

Our wood doors and panels have an MDF core with walnut and white oak natural wood veneers. We source material grown in the US to help minimize the environmental footprint we leave behind. Wood is a natural material and might vary in texture, color, and wood grain and exhibit subtle changes as they age. You might see a variation in color and structure from the pictures displayed on the website since natural wood is one-of-a-kind and truly unique. We do our best to match the samples with the final product, but we can’t guarantee an exact match.

White oak doors and panels on a double Besta frame from IKEAWhite oak small doors and panels on a Besta frame (item 602.458.44) with Sara black legs and Cornelia black pulls


Don't forget to accessorize 

You would be surprised as to how much a small change can affect the feel of a piece. Aside from adding beautiful wood doors and panels, a quick way to add extra elegance to your pieces is to try adding our hardware and legs to your IKEA furniture. This is a great way to make a simple piece stand out. The metallic finish of chrome or brass can add glamour to your room and make the furniture feel luxurious and elevated without changing too much. The matte black finish adds a sleek, modern look that can match any of our matte black hardware. They’re a perfect addition to any room in the house.


If you need help creating your custom piece, our design advisors are here to help. They can help you with IKEA shopping lists, the Norse ordering process, and styling your unit once it’s been designed and crafted. Book a complimentary phone consultation with an advisor or ask us questions through our contact page at any time.



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