4 fundamentals to decorating your home for the holidays

We're entering the jolly time of the year, and hopefully you'll be able to spend it with people who are precious in your life. Since last few years had its challenges, we're setting a higher standard for your home this holiday season. To get your living area ready for a get-together in a breeze, we've compiled four fundamental design elements to prepare for this season.


1. Lighting

Ditch a whole bundle of colors when going for lights, and adopt a monochrome theme for choosing decoration string lights. String lights never go out of style, so adding them to mantels, consoles, or table settings can elevate the look with minimal effort. Or, for a more subtle look, add candles in different heights and shapes around the room. If you're lucky enough to have one, take advantage of the mood lighting fireplaces offer as well. 

Eleanor drawer fronts in white lace on Malm dresser from IKEA
Eleanor drawer fronts in white lace with Agnes black pulls on a Malm dresser from IKEA (303.604.68).

2. Layout

Having company over can be stress-free when you feel you have enough space for everyone. Changing your layout can help you find a way to open up your space and make it extra welcoming. Try moving space-occupying decor or furniture out of the way, leaving room for additional seating or food tables.  Eleanor doors in white lace on Bestas from IKEA

Eleanor doors on bare white Besta frames (004.740.70 302.458.50). 

3. Color palette 

Adding festive colors to your room decor without completely altering your color palette is a great way to decorate the holidays aesthetically. Try to focus on one or two colors, and don't forget to add elements of nature. If you love the subtle decor and want to keep things a bit more low-key this festive season, keeping decorations within your color palette is the best thing you can do.

Cane doors in earthy sand on a Besta from IKEA
Cane doors in earthy sand with matching panels on two Besta frames (602.458.44) mounted on the wall. Styled by @maryellenskye.

4. Traditional décor

Holiday trees are often associated with a bright color scheme of green, and making them all about neutrals is not only minimalist but something out-of-the-box and unique. Festive-looking wreaths are a definite holiday staple, and the great thing about this is that wreaths are recognizable no matter the color or size. Beautifully minimal decorations can have surprisingly stunning results as well. 

Astrid doors in classy navy on a Besta from IKEA
Astrid doors in classy navy with Elisabeth chrome knobs, and Ilse chrome legs on two Besta frames (102.458.46) mounted on the wall. Styled by @gina81126 on Instagram.

Nail the festive decorations this year and feel confident in your home when hosting for the holidays. A balance of all these elements is vital to every host's home, no matter your style. For help designing or styling a storage piece perfect for you home this holiday season, book a complimentary consultation with one of our design advisors. 


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