How to give your white dresser a stunning makeover

Is the all-white aesthetic of your dresser starting to bore you? Do you have time to be working on a major DIY furniture makeover project though?

There's no need to worry! Here are seven fantastic ways to upgrade your white dresser! 


1. Never underestimate the power of handles. 

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Start by picking out the handle of your choice. There is a wide variety of options out there, so don't be shy, and do your research! If you're struggling to choose the handles, keep in mind that anything gold will compliment anything white. You can make your plain white dresser look more luxurious, by adding some beautiful golden handles

2. Wall art is a must-have. 

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By just hanging some fantastic artwork on the wall above the white dresser, you can spice up its vibe without even doing a major DIY construction on the dresser! If you also place some other complementary design pieces on top of the plain chest to go with the paintings, it could turn your plain furniture into one of the parts of your interior artwork. 

3. Pulls are the new knobs.

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Replace the plain white knobs with some decorative leather pulls. It's not only useful, but it can give your white dresser that contemporary interior vibe that you've always dreamed about wanting! 

4. Turn your furniture into a piece of artwork. 

(Photo credit: @amykeithbarney

Do you want to transform your plain white furniture into a statement piece completely? This is the easiest way! Just take some decor transfers of your choice and add them to the white dresser. It could do wonders by adding some pops of color to your home! 

5. Dresser or makeup vanity? 

(Photo credit: @sweet_seasoning)

By simply adding a beautiful statement mirror on top of your dresser, you can transform it into your useful new makeup vanity! Its utility is not only A+, but also it's aesthetic it so on point. Everybody needs this upgrade in their life! 

 6. Painting made Shabby Chic. 

(Photo credit: @kachafurniture

Looking for a way to completely transform the dresser, while maintaining its minimalistic ambiance? You can just change its color then! By painting it in a new color, you could add a shabby chicness to your minimalistic dresser. It could completely change the mood of your home! 

7. Multicolored is the way to go. 

(Photo credit: @littlecityfarmhouse

Who said furniture always had to be mono-colored? Add a little bit of fun to your rooms by creatively painting your white dresser vibrant colors! For more info on the dresser upgrade displayed above, visit They have a great suggestion for furniture upgrades, showing step-by-step, exactly how you could take your old white dresser at home and turn it into your dream piece of furniture! 


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Author: Michelle Choi 


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