How to give old furniture a makeover

We all need furniture, and decorating a house can be exciting and fun, but did you know that approximately 3.5 to 7 billion trees are cut down each year for furniture use. When you up-cycle furniture not only does it reduce waste, but reduces the need for production of new products. There's no denying redecoration is unavoidable, if you have kids who are growing up, your style changes, or maybe your just plain bored with how your house looks. However, maybe there's a different way you can restyle your house without buying new furniture, and help decrease the number of trees that are cut down yearly.

Heres a few affordable and simple ways to give your old furniture a makeover. 



1. Dip Dye with Paint


A black painted desk with dip dye yellow legs

 (Photo credit: Design Sponge)


A good paint job can take an old piece of furniture and make it look as good as new. However, you can add your own twist with a dip dye paint job. You can choose any color you want and make the piece fit into any type of room. Changing the finish from matte to shiny, or vice versa, can also give the piece an entirely new feel. Painting is such an affordable and easy way to bring your furniture back to life.


2. New Legs

Ikea Besta Cabinet with brass legs

(Photo credit: Norse Interiors)


It may seem small, but furniture legs play a big part in the look of the furniture piece. Wooden legs can add sophistication. Brass legs can make a piece feel new and glamorous. Adding brass legs like a small detail, to a chair, nightstand, dresser, or more can elevate any piece of furniture. You can have the beautiful room you've always dreamed of, while still being sustainable.


3. A Mirrored Surface

An IKEA Malm dresser With a mirror added to the top

(Photo credit: IKEA Hackers)


Mirrored furniture can cost up to a few hundred dollars, at least. Instead of buying a completely new piece of furniture, take an old dresser and transform it into a mirrored one. This may look complicated, but all you need is a mirror, some adhesive, and your old dresser. (Pro tip: you can get glass cut to size at Lowes.) 


 4. A Wooden Headboard

A wooden headboard from IKEA attached to a bed

(Photo credit: Sugar and Cloth)


Instead of purchasing an entirely new headboard, you can easily up-cycle your old one by applying stikwood. Stikwood is a reclaimed wood that’s already finished and with adhesive backing on it. It's a perfect DIY that will bring that "natural" look into your home.


5. New Upholstery 

a coffee table painted gray with pink cushions upholstered on top

(Photo credit: Love Grows Wild)


You can create a stunning coffee table by adding upholstery to the top of your old one. Using a brightly colored fabric can make this an eye-catching piece that can become the focal point of your living room. This creative hack is perfect for sprucing up your old furniture.


6. Contact Paper/wallpaper

A desk with wallpaper applied to it

(Photo credit: Akamatra)


Adding contact paper is such a simple way to cover up and elevate old furniture. With an adhesive backing, all you have to do is cut out the contact paper and shape it to your desired piece. With so many options for colors and patterns, you can easily decorate for any room.


7. Add Faux Fur

A wooden stool with faux sheepskin

(Photo credit: Horse and Heels)


Adding faux fur to a piece is great for hiding it's outdated original fabric, or for covering old stains. Adding it to a stool or chair provides a subtle texture to any room. The fur adds femininity and elegance to an otherwise boring stool.


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Author: Paisley McKevitt
Main image source: Toa Heftiba

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