How to design an office on a budget

Companies are rethinking how offices are designed. The drab room full of cubicles is a thing of the past. Nowadays, companies are taking into consideration how the design of an office affects their employees. Employees aren’t going to be enthusiastic about coming to work if their office has a dull and uninteresting design.

Designing an office that works for you does not have to put you in debt. You can avoid the expensive task of hiring a designer by learning the best ways to design an office by yourself. The pay-off of having more productive and happy employees will make up for the cost of redesigning your office. Here are ten simple ways to design a fantastic office on a budget? 

1. Choose aesthetic 

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Before starting the process of designing your perfect office space, it is vital to decide on an aesthetic that you want to base your design on. Choosing an aesthetic for your office will guarantee that everything in the space is cohesive and works together. Once you have your aesthetic figured out, then you can dive into the real designing. 

2. Add a touch of nature

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Adding plants to the desks or window sills is a small but great way to bring some life into our office. It will make the office look more green and make the employees seem less like they are stuck inside. It’s as easy as buying potted plants at your local garden store, or if you have enough natural light you can even grow them.

3. Decorate the walls with art 

Source: Rosemary Pierce Modern Art

When I say art, I don’t mean pictures of eagles and athletes with inspirational quotes under them or reprinted paintings from Target. There are plenty of people selling their art for cheap online and in coffee shops. Support local artists while also giving your office a unique look that no other standard office can replicate. An excellent option for supporting local artists is hiring an artist to paint directly on the walls of the office. You can also create your art to decorate your office and also get your creative juices flowing when you are not at work. 

4. Shop at thrift stores

Source: My Domaine

When it comes to decorating and designing thrift stores are always my first stop. If you are lucky, you can score some of the cheapest vintage furniture at thrift stores that can be the foundation of your office design. If you can find a cheap desk or table at a thrift store, you can lay the foundation for your design and build off of it. I highly recommend repainting old furniture or sending off the paint to expose the wood and gives it a more rustic look. 

5. Keep it tidy 

Source: Decoraid

No matter how expensive your decor is or how much money you put into designing your office, it will not look good if its a mess. Keeping your space neat and tidy is free, and it can give your space a whole new feel. While tidying your office, you should look for anything hindering the intended design of the office. If anything takes up space and is unnecessary, then get rid of it. A clean and tidy office looks even better when it is minimal and open.  

6. Whiteboard alternative 

Source: Design Milk

Instead of buying a whiteboard to hang on the wall for brainstorming and taking notes, try using chalkboard paint on the wall. A lot of people have started using chalkboard paint in their homes for their children, but why not try it in the office. It will save space, money, and using chalk will help reduce plastic use. 

7. Open office 

Source: Home Wow Decor

If you are designing an office for your companies team, open office space is a popular and inexpensive option. Open office spaces are not just showing up everywhere because they are trendy; they are also cheap. The more open an office is the less stuff you have to buy to divide it up. With this open space, you can then start figuring out where you want to put specific furnishings to personalize the space and give it your own touch.

8. Let in more light

Source: The Stir

A well-designed office needs to be well lit. If you are lucky enough to have an office with windows, take advantage of them. There is nothing more soul-draining than the soft blue-ish glow and the quiet hum of fluorescent office lights. Utilize the sunlight as much as you can, and if your office doesn’t have enough natural light, you can always buy cheap light bulbs that mimic daylight. A well-lit office will keep your employees awake as they work while also brightening their mood.

9. Repaint

Source: CB2

If your office is currently a dull and uninspiring color, repainting will completely change the vibe. Also, Research has indicated that color affects employee productivity at work. In a study at the University of Texas, researcher Nancy Kwallek discovered that white and gray inspire the least productivity and green and blue inspire the most productivity. You don’t have to go and paint the whole office green, but you could incorporate it into the office art or paint individual sections of the office. 

10. Use customized dividers

Source: Archi Expo

If an open concept office isn’t your style, you can make or buy dividers without spending too much. Dividers can individualize a section of an open office and give the employee a feeling of ownership and responsibility. Also, you can customize the dividers and personalize your section of the office. This is a good option for employees who work better in their own space and enjoy privacy. 

11. Customize IKEA furniture

Office storage furniture customizing IKEA

Source: Norse Interiors

Finally, you could customize regular IKEA furniture and make them on-brand for your business. Norse offers various colors, designs, and accessories to personalize office storage units like sideboards, floating cabinets, filing systems, etc.

In conclusion, designing your office does not have to break the bank. With a little bit of creativity and a vision, you can create the perfect office space that will keep your employees happy and productive. 

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