Customize the IKEA Malm dresser and nightstand

The Malm series, consisting of dressers and nightstands, is one the most popular at IKEA. They come in white, black/brown, oak, and recently also in other colors like dark red.

The Malm is known for being very sturdy, and affordable, and it's often the subject for DIY customizations. If you don't want to take out measuring tapes and figure out what holes should be drilled where; Norse has ready-made drawer fronts for the Malm dresser and nightstand. They come in four designs and five colors, which have been curated to fit three main Malm colors. 

This is the Malm dresser we're transforming: 

White IKEA Malm Dresser 

We chose to upgrade this old dresser with matching white fronts, in the design called Susan. Here's how we did it.

Replacing drawer fronts on the Malm dresser

1) Losen the screws on the side of the drawer to detach the front.

Dresser Drawer Front Screw


2) Attach the screws in the top and the second-to-last hole in each row, on the back of the drawer front. Tighten the screws until they are secure. Add the dowels in the remaining holes. Finally, add the plastic dots in each corner at the back of the drawer front.

Screws and Dowels on IKEA Malm Dresser


3) Fit the front to the drawer, by connecting the screws and the dowels in the corresponding holes, until it is flat against the drawer.

Reattach the Malm Dresser Drawer Front

4) On the sides of the drawer, place the locks in the holes, with the drill groove facing outward. Turn the locks to secure the screws, similar to what you did in the first step. Add knobs or handles to complete the look.

 Add Knob to Dresser


This customization just takes a few minutes, and it completely transforms the dresser, as you can see in this after-picture:

Customized IKEA Malm Dresser with Norse Interiors


If you need additional details for each step, check out our video of how to replace the drawer fronts: 

Head to our dresser or nightstand collection to find the design for you. The fronts are sold individually to fit all Malm dressers and nightstands, no matter how many drawers they have.



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