How to assemble and customize the IKEA Malm dresser

We all know assembling IKEA furniture is basically fool-proof, but what you didn't know is that installing our drawer fronts are super easy as well. Norse Interiors takes pride in the fact our products let consumers customize their IKEA furniture without any extra hassle. We want to be able to provide you with affordable and simple ways to decorate your personal space.




Look at how interior designer, Audrey Crisp, was able to easily transform a simple Malm dresser in her son's room, into a beautifully customized piece. Here, Audrey used the Eleanor drawer fronts in white lace, and added the Elisabeth brass knobs.

one side of the photo is the dresser being built, the other half is the finished dresser

(Photo credit: Audrey Crisp)


You can achieve this look for your Malm dresser with a few easy steps (and if you prefer to watch instead of reading, please check out our Malm Assembly Video):


1. Attach screws in the top and the second-to-last hole in each row, on the back of the drawer front. Tighten the screws until they are secure add the dowels in the remaining holes. Finally, add the plastic locks in each corner at the back of the drawer front.

an unclose shot of a hand drilling a nail into the dresser drawer



2. Fit the front to the drawer, by connecting the screws and the dowels in the corresponding holes, until it is flat against the drawer.

A close up of a person attaching the drawer front to the actual drawer.



3. On the sides of the drawers place the locks in the holes, with the drill groove facing outward. Turn the locks to secure the screws.

a close up of a hand screwing in the lock to keep the nails in place.



And that's it! Just three steps and now you have a wonderful customized piece of furniture. The drawer fronts are great if you want to add character and a touch of your personality into your room.


Now, if you want to take that extra step and add a pull or knob, don't worry, adding one of these to your Malm dresser is just as easy.


1. Decide where you want to place the pull or knob. 

A person taking the drawer fronts out of the box.



2. Use a pen to mark the holes on the drawer front, penetrating the page. Drill, using a 3/16” drill bit, from the outside in and place a firm material to on the inside to drill into. If you don’t drill into something you run a higher risk or chipping the paint. Don't use excessive force. Attach the knob or pull with the screws in the package from the inside.


A hand holding up the knob and the screw to the drawer front


See? Installing the knobs is also so simple, just drilling into a template. Another great way to show off your personality through your furniture. Who knew installing something so easy could create such an amazing outcome for your room.


Look at this beautiful, yet simple transformation:

An original IKEA malm dresser in white


An image of the same IKEA malm dresser with new drawer fronts and knobs


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Author: Paisley McKevitt

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