How this IKEA Besta cabinet got a stunning new look

Apartment Therapy defines Scandinavian design as "marked by a focus on clean, simple lines, minimalism, and functionality without sacrificing beauty." The color palette is typically light, and elements of the outdoors are incorporated in a subtle way. 

However, sometimes you might look for a little more edge, and is there anything edgier than a sleek matte black piece of furniture? 

This is how you transform the classic Besta cabinet from IKEA from looking like this:

IKEA Besta Cabinet

Image source: IKEA

To looking like this: 

IKEA Besta in Charcoal Black with a solid wood top.Astrid triple doors in charcoal black, with charcoal black side panels and a discontinued maple wooden top panel. 


Add designer doors

Call them fronts, or call them doors, but get the Besta base without doors so that you can add others without wasting anything. These doors are called Astrid in Charcoal black. The Astrid has clean simple lines; a nod to ribbed wood and a timeless pattern.

IKEA Besta TV Stand Customized with Charcoal Black Astrid Doors


If you want to get a less geo-metric look, you could opt for the Eva design, which has an interlacing pattern. The curved lines add softness and femininity to the piece.

IKEA Besta Customized with Eva fronts


Choose a wood top

Adding a wood top is the ultimate way to create a high-end look. In the picture above, you see an Ambrosia Maple wood top, which unfortunately were discontinued when we introduced our white oak and walnut collection. Our customers rave about using white oak or walnut top panels to achieve and even sleeker look. 

Ambrosia Maple Wood Top for IKEA Besta Cabinets

We source it locally and sustainably from the Northeast, USA. Every top is handmade to the highest quality by local craftspeople. Each top is unique due to the nature of working with solid wood from various trees.

Get matching side panels

Finish the look by framing the cabinet with side panels, matching the doors. In our case, it means adding small side panels in Charcoal Black.

Side Panels in Charcoal Black for IKEA Besta Cabinets


As you can see in our image, we haven't added any knobs or handles. We opted for a sleek look and used the Push-Open function, which is included when you buy hinges from IKEA. They are easy to install, as you can see in this video.

The options to customize the Besta cabinets are endless, but we hope you like this matte dark look with a touch of natural wood.



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