How to get your home in perfect shape for spring

As most of us shift into "spring cleaning" mode in our homes, we want to share three easy ways to get your interior ready for spring. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate your old pieces into a new spring look, we got you covered.

Calming color palettes  

You can't go wrong with a light and airy spring palette, and playing with the balance of colors allows whatever combination you choose to flow seamlessly through your interior. White and other soft or light colors can give the room a more open and airy feel. Light colors create a sense of openness, making rooms appear larger and more spacious.

Spring time usually brings a lot of pastel colors, but making those shades look sophisticated in a home is sometimes hard. Our versatile color selections, including pale blush, silver sage, white lace, and perfect grey, can revamp any Besta or Malm frame. See a full list of our design patterns and color options here

Gray cane doors on Besta
Cane doors and panels in perfect gray on a triple Besta frame (item 702.998.79) with black knobs and legs.

Balance it out

Balance in a room is key to aesthetic success. A way to bring balance into your space is to incorporate furniture pieces of all heights, along with accent colors and subtle matching pieces. Our knobs and pulls add chrome, brass, or black accents to your storage units, while our Sara and Ilse legs elevate furniture 6 3/4".

It’s important to have furniture and décor at various heights to help move your eye through the room. Having your pieces off the ground also creates a clean and organized illusion, which is what we all strive for during spring-cleaning season. 

Frida doors in pale blush on IKEA Besta sideboard
Frida doors and panels in pale blush on a triple Besta frame (item 702.998.79) with chrome knobs and legs.

Add some greenery

Florals and pastels might not be for everyone, but adding simple foliage and accents of green can bring a bright and nourishing feel to an interior in the spring time. 

Sometimes when curating a room, you think that all of the elements are there, but the room doesn’t have enough life to it. Maybe what you need is a touch of greenery! Small or large, houseplants can help with everything from cleaner air to noise control. Faux plants have the same positive affect, when you just was a subtle splash of color.

Adding vibrant green accents to a home is often thought to represent tranquility, good luck, health. Cognitive Psychologists say the color green has calming effects may be due to its associations with nature. Our Luxe Green turns any Besta into a beautiful statement piece for your room. 

Green Astrid doors Besta IKEA
Luxe green Astrid doors and panels on a double Besta frame (item 102.458.46) with black knobs and legs.

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Sample box from Norse


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