Custom office furniture that's on brand and affordable

Looking for office furniture that is inexpensive but still represents your brand? Then this might be something for you.
Let's be honest; Office furniture is not the most exciting thing to shop for. It's usually very generic, and it might be hard to find something that represents your company's brand. If you want to step away from the cookie-cutter style, then you're looking at paying a smaller fortune either by choosing a high-end designer brand or getting your office furniture custom-made. However, one of our customers figured out how to create the ideal workspace by using inexpensive IKEA cabinets and upgrading them with Norse replacement components.
Below is a photo from the office of Bobo Workshop, run by husband and wife - a builder and a third generation designer. Lara started by ordering the cabinet frame called Besta at IKEA. Then she added fronts, top and side panels to the cabinet, which she mounted to the wall. The result is gorgeous and represents the Bobo Workshop brand. 
Office furniture IKEA Besta Astrid Silver Sage Norse Interiors Bobo WorkshopPhoto credit: @graciebyrdjones
"I took a bit of a risk going the IKEA and Norse Interiors route for my office cabinet, considering I ordered it sight unseen. But for the price, functionality and look it seemed to be the best option. Plus I always like to try new things. I'm very pleased."
Office furniture IKEA Besta Astrid Cabinet Doors Norse Interiors Bobo Workshop
Photo credit: @graciebyrdjones
Bobo continues: "I chose Norse because of the simplicity of the designs, and the ease of ordering". By using IKEA as a base, and upgrading it with patterned doors, panels, and accessories, in different colors, it's possible to get office furniture that is on brand and still affordable.
Office furniture IKEA Besta Norse Interiors Bobo Workshop
Lara Bobo in front of her upgraded cabinet using Norse Interiors doors and panels in Silver Sage. Photo credit: @graciebyrdjones
A workplace should be stylish and functional, so why not optimize your space while staying on a budget? Head to our design overview to get more inspiration of how you can customize your office furniture.
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