6 Easy ways to make your IKEA furniture last longer

Many people love IKEA for its affordable and stylish furniture. However, IKEA pieces aren’t always known for their durability. With some simple upgrades and care, you can make your IKEA purchases last for years to come. Here are 6 easy ways to extend the life of your IKEA furniture:

1. Add custom doors

Over time, the original doors on IKEA cabinetry can start to warp, crack, or discolor. An easy fix is to replace them with custom doors made from higher quality materials. Norse Interiors offers beautiful cabinet doors in various styles that will give your IKEA units a brand new look. Custom doors are designed to fit IKEA cabinet boxes perfectly. Upgrade your dated IKEA cabinets with Norse's handcrafted doors made from oak, maple, and more.6 Easy ways to make your IKEA furniture last longerIKEA Besta frame with White oak double doors and Cornelia Brass Pull


2. Reinforce with interior panels

To prevent scuffs, scratches and marks, line the interiors of your IKEA units with custom wood panels. These secondary panels act as a protective barrier between storage items and the interior walls of a cabinet or shelving unit. Norse Interiors offers sheet panels cut to size for IKEA's most popular units like the Besta and Sektion systems. Choose from various premium woods that will also give your IKEA furniture a more upscale, custom look.6 Easy ways to make your IKEA furniture last longerWhite Oak Besta side panel, Ilse Brass Leg, and Agnes Brass Pull in IKEA Besta cabinet


3. Elevate with custom legs

Placing furniture directly on the floor leaves it more susceptible to scratches and damage from cleaning and vacuuming. Elevate your IKEA units by adding custom legs from Norse Interiors. Legs raise your furniture up several inches so it’s easier to clean underneath. Legs come in several designs to match your desired style, including tapered, straight and finial options.

6 Easy ways to make your IKEA furniture last longerSara Black Leg, Ingrid Black Pull, and Silver Sage Susan Doors on an IKEA Sektion cabinet


4. Use coasters and mats

Liquids will damage wood surfaces over time. Use coasters, placemats and other protective layers when setting food, plants, wastebaskets or electronics on IKEA furnishings. For extra protection, attach felt pads to the bottom of accessories before placing them on tables, dressers or nightstands.
6 Easy ways to make your IKEA furniture last longer
Marie Triple Doors and Kristina Gold Knob for IKEA Besta cabinet


5. Replace hardware over time

The inexpensive hardware on IKEA furniture can loosen or break. Swap out knobs and pulls for higher quality hardware that will stand the test of time. Norse Interiors offers a wide selection of knobs, pulls, and handles in styles from modern to traditional. Hardware is an easy upgrade that makes a big impact.
6 Easy ways to make your IKEA furniture last longer
IKEA MALM dresser with custom Kristina Gold Pull and Astrid Drawer Front from Norse Interiors

6. Clean and polish frequently

Dust buildup can scratch wood over time. Keep your IKEA furniture looking its best by frequently wiping down surfaces with a microfiber cloth. Every few months, polish and refinish using a wood cleaner and natural oils to maintain the finish and prevent drying and cracking. Spot clean spills immediately to prevent stains and permanent damage.6 Easy ways to make your IKEA furniture last longerImage Source: Canva

With a few upgrades and proper care, you can double or triple the lifespan of budget-friendly IKEA furniture. Norse Interiors offers a range of accessories to customize, protect, and upgrade your IKEA pieces for years of stylish use. Visit norseinteriors.com today to shop our custom doors, panels, and legs to refresh your current IKEA furniture.




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