6 Amazing commercial office design ideas on a budget

Commercial office buildings don't have to be so flat and industrial just because you're on a budget. A great place to work is custom for everyone, and an environment that meets your stylistic and decorative tastes will increase productivity and nurture the mind. Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you can't work just as hard.

These six commercial design ideas will display some of the many possibilities for an amazing workspace.

1. Cut the Noise

Studies have shown that noisy workspace can reduce the productivity of employees by up to 66%. Acoustic Panels are a simple and easy solution that eliminates noise in the workspace. Simply hanging these panels around any room will work wonders. Acoustic panels come in various shapes and colors so you can add a kick of individuality. Audimute, one of the many places you may find acoustic panels, has various panels starting at $25 per panel.

noise cancelling office panels design ideasPhoto Credit: Michal Kasperek

2. Splashes of Color 

Color is a very important component of any environment, it can greatly impact workers' moods. A colorless workplace makes it very hard to be excited to come into the office every morning. Adding small or large components of the right color depending on personal choice and the company's vibe can make workers happier and more motivated. Try for example, one colored wall or even colored office supplies such as a red stapler. 

office space color blue design

Photo Credit: Nina Azzarello - designboom


3. Compartmentalization

As a company is synonymously referred to as an organization, the organization must be the foundation of every successful company. If your office is still paper-based, storage cabinets are a must-have. On a budget, the go-to is Ikea, it's practical because there are many storage cabinets that are stackable. However, Ikea furniture can dull a room and create a sterile hospital environment. Luckily, there is a design idea solution for your affordable Ikea furniture. Norse Interiors sell designed cabinet panels that turn the on-a-budget aesthetic into a sleek one. The best part about this hack? Color label your data with different designs to further compartmentalize your office space. Check out the link for more details about Norse's commercial offer.

storage cabinet office space design

Photo Credit: Norse Interiors


4. Go Green

It sounds a bit crazy, but having many indoor plants in an office space is incredibly beneficial. Indoor plants produce clean oxygen and remove chemicals from the air. Furthermore, the color green is psychologically calming and soothing. One study has proven that the introduction of indoor plants in a company reduced stress and depression in workers by over 50% and even reduced absence rates. When workers feel connected to nature, they have a higher sense of wellbeing.

indoor office plants green design

Photo Credit: Time Magazine

5. Less Isolation

Separating employees behind desk walls and making communication more difficult to increase productivity is a myth. Creating a shared space in the office will allow workers to cooperate with each other and encourage teamwork to get tasks completed quicker. A sense of togetherness also creates more harmony in the workspace.

commercial office interior design shared desk space

Photo Credit: jobstreet

6. Private Place

Having an open office plan is great but some matters must be discussed in private. A completely isolated room for sensitive subjects and work that requires privacy would aid to the comfort of everyone.

private office space conference room design

Photo Credit: pleasanton business solutions 

With the changing ideals behind an office setting, it is important to keep up with these demands in order to maintain the happiness of your workers. Well-being and aesthetics are highly valued today and these small affordable changes have huge beneficial psychological impacts.


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Author: Merve Kadayifci

Main Photo Credit: Curbed 


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