15 best nightstands from affordable to premium

Do you need some inspiration for redecorating your room? Then this article might be just what you need to read.

Decorating can be stressful, there's so many things to think about such as, what style are you going for, how much money you're willing to spend, and so on. Hopefully this article can help you feel more at ease with your purchases. Furniture shopping should be an enjoyable experience, not a hassle.

Here are 15 statement nightstands for every price range and every style.




Budget: $49.99-64.99


1. IKEA Malm Nightstand - $49.99

Ikea Malm Nightstand in white

(Photo credit: IKEA)


Stick to the basics: With it’s sleek and simple design the IKEA Malm nightstand will fit in perfectly with any bedroom. The Malm nightstand comes in many different colors so you can still have some fun while keeping it simple.


2. Triangle Side Table- $49.99


Metallic Rose gold triangle nightstand

(Photo credit: Urban Outfitters)


Style on a budget: A unique nightstand, the triangle side table is perfect for smaller spaces including dorm rooms. With its metallic finish, this nightstand is a great statement piece without taking away from the rest of the room.


3. Modern Nightstand- $49.99


Modern dark gray one drawer nightstand

(Photo credit: Target)


Keep it simple: This modern nightstand is great for anyone who wants a sleek and stylish nightstand. It’s minimalistic style makes it easy for this piece to fit in to any room. With plenty of drawer space, it's perfect for keeping the essentials right by your bedside. 


4. Axtell End Table- $64.99 


White classic nightstand with bottom shelf

  (Photo credit: Wayfair)


Traditional and classic: The Axtell end table is a timeless piece. With elegant curved sides and a bottom shelf, it's perfect for stacking up your favorite books, which is great if you like reading in bed.


5. Mainstays Mid-Century Modern 1-Drawer Nightstand-  $64.99

Wooden one drawer nightstand with white drawer

(Photo credit: Walmart)


Two-toned: This one drawer nightstand is a perfect addition to any room. The white drawer against the wood framing sets a modern tone. With the drawer and extra cubby space this night stand is great for extra storage.


Mid-Price: $70.99-90.99


6. Knoxville Tray Table- $72.99


Circular gray nightstand with raised rim

(Photo credit: Allmodern)


Sturdy and reliable: The Knoxville Tray table is a must have item. With trendy color blocking on the legs, and multiple colors to choose from, this is a perfect piece to have as a nightstand. The raised rim on the top tray is perfect for holding decorative objects, ow you don’t have to worry about knocking everything over when you get up in the middle of the night.

7. Norse Interiors- $79.99


Joan drawer front for Ikea malm nightstand

(Photo credit: Norse Interiors)


Upgrade your existing furniture: Are you tired of your simple Malm nightstand? You can customize your nightstand with Norse Interiors. Choose from a variety of styles and colors to personalize and elevate your furniture without breaking the bank. This image shows the Joan nightstand drawer fronts in cool mocha.


8. Anette Side Table- $79.99


Circular marble patterned side table with metal legs

(Photo credit: Urban Outfitters)


Trendy: The Annette side table is a great piece to show everyone just how on trend you are. With a marbled round tabletop that rests on an x-shaped frame base, it’s a unique product that will make you excited to show it off to friends. The marbled top is a great way to add some patterns to your room while still keeping things minimalistic.


9. Deford End Table-$ 80.99


rounded glass and metal side table

(Photo credit: Wayfair)


Elegant and classy: Show off  your style with this rounded glass and metal side table. A perfect statement piece for any bedroom, the metallic finish is simply elegant and sophisticated, it also makes the table seem more “high end”. This piece is great for pulling a room together.


10. Chatfield 1 Drawer Nightstand- $81.99


Nightstand with wooden drawer and mesh hammock

(Photo credit: Wayfair)


Go natural: The Chatfield one drawer nightstand is a great piece if you want a more natural look for your room. The wooden drawer and mesh “hammock” are neutral enough to match with any room design. 

Premium: $100.00 and Up


11. Alviso 1 Drawer Nightstand- $131.99


Wooden nightstand with PVC bottom drawer in yellow

(Photo credit: Wayfair)


Pop of color: Show off your fun side with the Alviso one Drawer Nightstand. The PVC bottom drawer pops with color for a fun and stylish way to decorate your room. This piece is a great way to keep your room interesting.


12. Carson Carrington Christian 3 Drawer Nightstand- $149.99


Three drawer nightstand with different colored drawers

(Photo credit: Overstock)


Ombre effect : The Carson Carrington Christian 3-drawer Nightstand is a unique piece with three different tones of wood panelling on the drawers. This nightstand definitely pops out, and is great for a statement piece while staying simple. The drawers are deep and spacious so you can use it for storage space as well. It's a great design that will match any room.


13. Magnus 2 Drawer- $162.50


Modern nightstand with chrome handles

(Photo credit: Wayfair)


Stylish and modern: The Magnus two drawer nightstand is perfect if you like a stylish and simple design. The chrome finish on the handles gives the nightstand a perfect modern look.


14. Ram 2 Drawer Nightstand- $222.99


White nightstand with abstract pattern

(Photo credit: Allmodern)


Clean lined aesthetic: The Ram two drawer nightstand is perfect for a modern and sophisticated aesthetic. The bright white lacquer finish lets this piece easily match into any room, and the abstract design catches the eye while keeping things minimalistic.


15. Jali Nightstand- $348.00


Wooden nightstand with hand carved patterns

(Photo credit: Anthropology)


Free spirit: With hand carved patterns, the Jali nightstand brings texture and elements of elegance and nature into your room. This piece is simply beautiful and each one has a slight variation because it’s hand carved, making it truly unique to anyone who owns one.

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Author: Paisley McKevitt

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