13 best IKEA Besta makeovers

Desperately in need of spicing up your IKEA BESTA cabinets? Here are 13 beautiful BESTA makeovers to inspire your renovations. 


1. Let's keep it natural 

Walnut double doors on an IKEA Besta frame
Walnut double doors from Norse Interiors on an IKEA Besta with black Sara legs and black Cornelia pulls

Keep things natural by using wood finishes and pairing decorative plants with the earthy tones. You can give your living room the homey, Midcentury Modern vibe that you've always dreamed of having! Customizing Bestas with natural wood, such as our white oak and walnut collections, gives your piece a timeless look that will stand the test of time.

2. Fall in love with your Besta

IKEA Besta

By adding some wall art of the famous City of Love and a vase full of pure white roses to minimalistic design, you can fall in love with your IKEA Besta all over again! 

3. Rock & Roll with neutral minimalism

Cane doors on IKEA Besta cabinets

Photo credit: Susie Sanders, using cane doors and brass legs from Norse Interiors on IKEA Besta frames

Is the all-white aesthetic of your Besta starting to bore you? Keep it interesting by hanging up some fun wall decor, like classic guitars, to add a modern twist to your minimalistic chic design. Cane doors on a Besta cabinet is also an easy upgrade to add an airy, natural look to formally cookie-cutter piece.

4. Perfectly cozy & shabby chic

IKEA Besta
 Photo credit: @dekobinchen

This is a perfectly intertwined look of the shabby chic appeal with the modern Scandinavian design. By adding some shabby chic decorations, you can add a super cozy mood to your modern aesthetic. You can create the perfect, escapist reading corner that you saw in the recent catalog of your favorite home decor magazine

5. Take your hosting game to the next level 

Maya and Astrid doors for IKEA Besta

Maya doors and Astrid doors in charcoal black on stacked IKEA Besta frames, mounted on the wall 

Need a place to put your dining room essentials? Your Besta can be the perfect storage space for not only your serveware, but all your hosting tools. Having a beautiful sideboard right in your dining room will be a real game-changer. It is the perfect place to hide everything you might need to host a get-together in a jiffy. 

6. Keep things classymodern chic

IKEA Besta

Photo credit: @sams.habitat

Keep your space looking classy and modern chic by complimenting your plain white Besta with a new moody wall color. Like Kida Kudz would say, Issa Vibe

7. Elegant legs for days

Legs to customize IKEA furniture
Photo source: Mable Chung, using brass Sara legs from Norse Interiors on an IKEA Besta with cane doors

Add some elegant steel legs and hardware to turn your old Besta cabinet into a brand new piece of furniture. It is the perfect DIY project for those of you that love home decor, but don't have the time for a power-tools project! 

8. Take the all-white aesthetic to the next level 

IKEA Besta

 Photo credit: @danainteriorinsta

For those of you who are obsessed with the rising interior design trend of the all-white aesthetic, this is the perfect DIY renovation idea for you! Stack up the IKEA Besta cabinets against the wall to create your own beautiful, all-white cabinetry to go with your white marble floor.

9. Affordable AND high-end IKEA 

Knobs to customize IKEA furniture
Photo source: Carrie Waller, using Elisabeth brass knobs from Norse Interiors on her Walnut double doors on an IKEA Besta cabinet. 

Updating the hardware on furniture can breathe new life into old pieces and give them a fresh new look. Swapping out old, worn-out handles or knobs for new, modern ones can completely transform the style and feel of a piece. Not only is it an affordable way to update furniture, but it's also an easy DIY project that can be done in just a few minutes. 

10. Be multifunctional with your Besta

IKEA Besta

Photo credit: @memyloveandlife

Tired of your studio apartment with limited closet space? Transform your living space with your Besta by using it has a room divider, creating a cozy bedroom and your own semi-walk-in closet. It can work as a great headboard for your bed too! 

11. A Besta for the American Beauty

Frida doors in charcoal on IKEA Besta frames
Frida doors in charcoal black on two IKEA Besta frames mounted on the wall with Agnes chrome pull

Instead of purchasing a new vanity, turn your old Besta cabinet into your own luxurious vanity! All you have to do is hang up a mirror above the BESTA, and Voila! You can mount a 15"H Besta higher on the wall, or use the 25"H Besta at standard height, and you have your own beauty corner inside your bedroom. 

12. Convenience is key

IKEA Besta

Photo credit: @sanna_mariia

They say beautiful shoes, take you to beautiful places. Those beautiful shoes deserve a beautiful place to be stored! Place Besta by the front door and turn it into a convenient shoe closet. It's also a great way to decorate your home's entryway!



Norse Interiors' personal best Besta makeover

13. Create your own adventures with your Besta 

Amelia and white oak on Besta from IKEA
Amelia triple doors and white oak paneling on an IKEA Besta frame, with chrome legs and Kristina chrome knobs

Photo credit: @norseinteriors

Who doesn't love a little adventure? Make your living room look like a place to inspire adventurous dreams by renovating your sideboard Besta with fun and decorative legs, hardware, wood tops, and cane doors. There are tons of design options to choose from on our website, so feel free to explore!

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