11 creative ideas for up-cycling furniture

If you haven’t adopted the minimalist lifestyle, odds are you have some old furniture sitting around that is anything but fashionable. Instead of junking that old couch or that ancient dresser, why not take a more sustainable and creative route and up-cycle that old furniture into a new and functional work of art? 

    Bringing life to your old furniture may seem like a daunting task and coming up with your own ideas for up-cycling may seem creatively intimidating, but these 10 ways to up-cycle furniture may inspire you to start your next DIY project. 

    1. Mid-century nightstand makeover

    Source: The Weathered Door

      Just adding some paint and polish give these nightstands a sleek modern look. And speaking of paint, search in your area for local paint recyclers. Paint care is a good starting point.

      2. Hanging shelf

      Source: The Budget Decorator

      Making your own DIY hanging shelf can be as easy as adding dividers to an old drawer and hanging it on your wall.

      3. Rocking-chair turned chair swing

      Source: Futurist Architecture

      This chair-to-swing conversion is a perfect whimsical addition to your back or front yard. 

      4. Kitchen island filing cabinet 

        Source: Curbly

        Great for both the kitchen or the patio. An affordable alternative to a kitchen island. 

        5. Repurpose vintage drawers into a side table 

          Source: Recyclart

          Simply add legs and this vintage drawer transforms into a functional and stylish side table for your living room.

          6. Easy dresser up-cycle 

            Source: 100 Things 2 Do

            An effective up-cycle can be as simple as a few coats of paint and some new drawer pulls.

            7. Reupholster your chair or couch 

              Source: Home DIY

              Although reupholstering may be a job best left to a professional, it will transform the look of any chair or couch.

              8. Dresser to a wine bar 

                Source: Pinterest

                This dresser to wine bar conversion is as simple as removing some drawers and adding a place to store your wine. 

                9. Staining furniture 

                  Source: Good Housekeeping


                  Simply sanding and restaining any type of furniture brings new life to the wood while also giving it a vintage look. 

                  10. Adding legs to your credenza 

                    Source: A Ray of Sunlight

                    Adding legs to your credenze, although a simple addition, can make an old and boring dresser look modern and fashionable. 

                    11. Changing drawer fronts

                    Customize IKEA Malm Dresser

                    At Norse, you can find four different drawer front designs, in four different colors which match the various IKEA Malm dressers, and nightstands. It takes a screwdriver and a few minutes to change the look of a dresser completely. 

                    Upcycling can be as simple as making a cosmetic change to aging furnishings, or as creative as introducing an entirely new purpose or functionality to that object. Think outside that boxy furniture and see if you can breathe new life and utility into that aging or broken item. 

                    Having something in your living space that you worked on not only keeps things out of landfills, but it can also make for a great conversation starter when you have company over. Look around you and see if anything is calling out to be upcycled. Happy making! 


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                    Author: Stephanie Hwang

                    Main Image Source: Alexandra Gorn

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