Norse is supporting "Girl Up" for International Women's Day 2019

To celebrate International Women's Day this year, from March 8th through the 10th, Norse will be donating 5% of everything we sell to the Girl Up organization. We are forever grateful to the inspirational women who have led us to have the rights and opportunities that we have today. We show our gratitude for these women through our products names, and now we want to do our part to support the future leaders who will advocate for equality for their generation.




About Girl Up

Girl Up is an organization that has helped impact the lives of over 48,000 girls world wide through their leadership programs, and teaches them how to stand up for each other and to empower themselves. Girl Up also focuses on challenges, such as education, health, and safety that girls around the world face every day. Across the world there are over 60 million girls who are not in school. In developing countries, many girls cannot afford to see a doctor or do not live near one. Girls are also subjected to violence and discrimination. Girl Up understands that educations, healthcare, and safety are basic needs that provide the foundations of a bright future for young girls, and strives to make these goals a reality.

A group of girls holding up Girl Up signs

(Photo credit: Girl Up)

Partnership with the UN

Since 2010, Girl Up has partnered with the United Nations to fund programs that give girls an equal chance for education, health, social and economic opportunities, and a life free from violence. Because of their success, Girl Up has expanded into joint UN programs in Liberia, Guatemala, Ethiopia and Malawi. The programs focus on comprehensive support which includes, education, health, safety, leadership, and documentation, which the UN identified these as the five key priorities to accelerate efforts to advance the rights of adolescent girls.

Joint UN Programs that comprehensively support girls

Girl Up has invested in joint UN programs in Liberia, Guatemala, Ethiopia and Malawi since our launch in 2010. These comprehensive programs focus on education, health, safety, leadership and being counted. Girl Up also partners with UNHCR to provide education to girls in refugee camps that reside in Ethiopia and Uganda. They focus on providing materials, quality teachers, and club to create more learning opportunities. In  India and Guatemala, Girl Up partners with UNFPA to prevent child marriage and provide girls with skills and assets needed to improve their lives and end their families cycle of poverty. They create a safe space for girls where peer educators can teach them about their rights and important skills like money management.  So far, Girl Up has supported 34,095 girls through these programs.

A close up of the arms of a group of girls showing off their Girl Up bracelets

(Photo credit: Girl Up)

Girls as Advocates

Girl Up has become a borderless movement, with nearly half a million supporters and advocates from the U.S. and around the world. With unique leadership training and skill development, Girl Up has created a generation of current and future girl leaders; leaders who have helped Girl Up raise millions of dollars for United Nations programs, lobbied members of Congress to stop child marriage and ensure that girls are registered at birth, and have showed their schools, friends and communities the true power of girls.

Girl Up members are empowered to generate real, tangible change. They understand that their involvement is meaningful and that their voices are powerful. By exposing girls to issues and topics that broaden their world view, work them towards being advocates, and connect girls with similar passions, Girl Up has had an 92% increase of social and political participation in their girl leaders.


Supporting Girl Up is so important us when it comes to raising the future generation of girls because they don't always have a say when it comes to their rights as a women. Girls deserve to be heard, to be active participants in their community, to feel safe, to be educated, to be leaders, and to advocate for their own rights. When girls see other girls standing up for themselves and fighting for what they believe in, it inspires them to do the same. This is why we choose to name our products after strong women. It inspires us to have these women who were so passionate and determined, be part of something that we are so passionate about. They have paved the way for us and now we want to help pave the way for others.

Girl Up logo

(Photo credit: Girl Up)
We are also featured on under their Shop With a Cause article that features multiple brands, who are donating to non-profits that help support young girls and women this year on International Women's Day.
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Author: Paisley McKevitt


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